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WordPress Multisite Settings

In a WordPress Multisite environment, there will be 2 types of Settings page:

  1. Network Settings page
  2. Settings page
AFL UTM Tracker Network Menu
AFL UTM Tracker Network Menu

1. Network Settings

The Network Settings menu is accessible in the main site and only by the Super Admin role. The settings here will take effect on all sites under the network.

Cross-subdomain Tracking Cookies

Cross-subdomain Tracking Cookies
Cross-subdomain Tracking Cookies

Warning: You should only set this up when user data privacy is allowed to be shared across all sites.

This is where you setup cross-subdomain tracking cookies when ALL sites in your network is a subdomain / subsite of your root domain.



Once you have click Save Changes, it will enable the other Cookie Settings like Attribution Window.

Site Performance

Only the main site will have access to the Site Performance settings.

2. Settings

The Settings menu is available on every site in the network and it accessible by the individual site Admin. Compared to the normal WordPress setup, certain settings have been moved to the Network Settings because it affects the whole site.