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Site Performance Settings

If you’re running a high traffic website on a web server with low specifications, choose a faster performance option below which can reduce the database load and processing time.

Do consult us if you’re not sure how the following options affects your website and integrations.

Site Performance Settings Screenshot
Site Performance Settings
Attribution Data Format

Standard (default) – uses more database read / writes but allows non-supported plugins to easily access attribution data through the individual meta rows.

Fastest – uses less database read / writes but the drawback is that non-supported plugins may not be able to access the attribution data and the search feature in our Reports section will be limited.

Note: Changes to this setting will only affect new conversions. Older conversion attribution data format will remain unchanged.

Active Attribution (for logged-in users)

Standard (default) – the user’s latest attribution data will be sync across devices which they are logged-in even when they have not converted yet. It provides a more accurate attribution like when the user visits your marketing campaign on their mobile device but completes the purchase on their desktop.

Fastest – this feature will be disabled.

Server-side Cookie Renewal

This feature is enabled to bypass privacy-based browsers that limits the cookie lifetime on the browser to less than 7-days. Only our plugin cookies will be renewed.

Standard (default) – Cookie expiry date will be renewed every time the visitor visits your website. This has been the default setting since our first plugin version.

Fastest – Cookie expiry date will only be renewed when there are changes in the attribution data.