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Ninja Forms Merge Tags

At this moment, Ninja Forms Add-ons does not have a standard WordPress filter hook for add-ons to read data from the custom meta fields where the UTM parameters data are stored.

So to pass the UTM parameters data to add-ons like Zapier, Webhook and CRM services, you would need to setup hidden fields with our merge tag.


  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Under the Ninja Forms menu > Dashboard.
  3. Select a form to edit.
  4. Click on the blue “+” button to add a field.
Form > Add Field
Ninja Forms > Add Field
  1. Add the “AFL UTM Tracker” field to your form.
Form > Add "AFL UTM Tracker" field
Form > Add “AFL UTM Tracker” field
  1. Click on the AFL UTM Tracker field.
  2. In the Default Value field, click on the right icon to view the Merge Tag list.
  3. Click on the AFL UTM Tracker tab.
  4. Search for the data that you want to populate into the field.
  5. For example, select the “Last UTM Source {afl_wc_utm:utm_source}” merge tag.
  6. Remember to change the field’s label to “Last UTM Source”.
  7. Click Done and Published form.
Forms > Merge Tag
Forms > Merge Tag