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Attribution Settings

We have introduced new Settings to enable “Organic / Direct / Referral” in the First Touch UTM report.


  • AFL UTM Tracker version 2.6.0 or higher
Attribution Settings Screenshot
Attribution Settings Screenshot

First Touch UTM

Support for “Organic / Direct / Referral”

This option is Disabled by default.

When it is Enabled and visitors lands on your website without actual UTM parameters, our AFL UTM Tracker plugin will determine the utm_source and utm_medium based on the referrer website.

e.g Visitor browses to your website by entering your website URL in the browser address bar.

utm_source = direct
utm_medium = none

e.g Visitor clicks on an organic search result on Google.

utm_source =
utm_medium = organic

If you enable short domain name, we will save the utm_source as “google” instead of “”.

e.g. Visitor clicks on a link on

utm_source =
utm_medium = referral

List of Organic Websites

Here’s the list of Organic websites which our plugin recognized.