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Mapping conversion attribution data in Zapier

You will be able to send the captured UTM parameters from your Gravity Forms entries to Zapier using our AFL UTM Tracker plugin and the Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on.

For a full list of conversion attribution values which you can access, please view our Attribution Meta List.

Requirement / Compatibility:
  • Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on version 4.1.1 or higher.
  • Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on version 3.3 (Legacy).
Known Issues:
  • Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on version 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 do not work. Download the latest version 4.1.1 or higher.

NOTE: Some version may require you to download the add-on from the Gravity Forms official website.

Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on (4.1.1 or higher)

If you have an existing Zap, skip to step 11 and run the Test Trigger again to pull in the new data structure.

  1. Follow the initial setup steps from the Gravity Forms website.
  2. On the Zapier’s website, create a new Zap.
  3. Search for Gravity Forms.
  4. Select the Gravity Forms (Latest).
  5. For the Trigger Event, select Form Submission.
  6. For the Gravity Forms Account, select the right connected account / website.
  7. For the Set up Trigger, select the form which you would like to receive data.
  8. For the Use Admin Field Labels, set to True if you are using it in your form.
  9. For the Feed name, type in an appropriate name.
  10. Continue.
  11. Go to your website and submit the form.
  12. On the Zapier’s website, click on the Test Trigger to receive the data.
  13. If the data has not arrived, retry or click on the Form Submission A / B / C dropdown and click on Load more.
  14. Continue.
  15. Create a new Action to connect to any Zapier apps like Google Sheets.
  16. Now you can map the conversion attribution data from your form submissions.
Gravity Forms on Zapier
Gravity Forms on Zapier
Select Form Submission
Select Form Submission
Choose Account
Choose Account
Set up trigger
Set up trigger
Test Trigger
Test Trigger