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Extract custom parameter from tracking URLs in Gravity Forms

With the AFL UTM Tracker plugin, you can now extract custom parameter from our list of supported tracking URLs in Gravity Forms into a hidden field.

Since version:

This feature is supported since version 2.4.3.

List of supported tracking URLs:

  • First landing page
  • First website referrer
  • First and last touch UTM URL
  • Last touch gclid, fbclid, msclkid URL


  1. Go to your Gravity Forms > Form > Edit mode.
  2. Add a Hidden Field to the form.
  3. Under the Field Settings > Advanced > Click on Allow field to be populated dynamically.
  4. Type in the Parameter name as listed below.


You want to extract the matchtype parameter from the Last Touch UTM URL.

Screenshot of Gravity Forms - Form Builder
Screenshot of Gravity Forms – Form Builder

List of tracking URL parameter names

First Landing Page

First Website Referrer

First Touch UTM URL

Last Touch UTM URL

Last Touch gclid URL

Last Touch fbclid URL

Last Touch msclkid URL

More examples

You want to extract affiliate_id parameter from the First Landing Page URL:


You want to extract the ad_id from the First Touch UTM URL:


You want to extract Last Touch UTM Source. You do not need to use the extract_param formula because we have extracted it by default into our conversion attribution report.

But if you would still like to populate the utm_source value into a hidden field, you can use the parameter name below: