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Installing the AFL UTM Tracker plugin in WordPress

Download our plugin zip file to your computer after the checkout process. You can get a copy of our plugin zip file from our website (Account > Downloads page) as long as you have an active subscription with us.

Installing the Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin.
  2. Add a new plugin by browsing to (Plugins > Add new).
  3. Click on the Upload plugin button.
  4. Click on the Choose file button.
  5. Select our plugin zip file from your computer’s directory.
  6. Click on the Install Now button.
  7. Click on the Activate Plugin button.

Activating the License

Your license key is available under our website (Account > Licenses page).

  1. In the WordPress admin, click into the AFL UTM Tracker > License page.
  2. Enter your License Key.
  3. Activate License.

Staging License

Want to unlock staging license?

Clearing Page Cache

If you’re using any caching plugin or caching services, you would need to clear all the caches.

You might want to clear it a couple of times to really make sure it is cleared so that our JavaScript tracking file is loaded on your website.