Refund Policy

We offer complete refunds for our WordPress plugins subscription up to 20-days from the first purchase date.

Refunds will be considered for subscription renewals or upgrades up to 7-days from the transacted date.

Upon your refund request, your license will be deactivated and your subscription cancelled immediately. We will not be able to reactivate the subscription or the license.

Refunds Exceptions

We will not be able to process refunds for the following scenarios:

  • No refunds for early termination.
  • No refunds for downgrades.
  • No partial refunds or refunds for un-applied discount coupon.
  • No refunds if you have previously receive a refund for the same product.
  • No refunds if you have already reported the transaction charges to your bank/card processor as fraudulent or any other reasons.

Method of Refunds

Refunds will be process through our payment gateway and the amount will be refunded to same credit / debit card which was used to make the purchase. The amount will be reflected in your statement within 5-14 days if your card was already charged.

Refund Amount

We can only refund the amount paid in the transaction. For customers who paid in an local or international currency which is not in USD (US Dollar), the amount refunded in your bank statement can either be higher or lower than the original transacted amount in your statement because of the exchange rates on the date of refund.

Sole Discretion

By purchasing our products, you agree to our Terms & Conditions including the Refund Policy. After 20-days have elapsed from the first purchase date, the buyer agrees that they had reasonable opportunity to evaluate our products and at that point any amount paid are no longer eligible for a refund.

All refunds is at the sole discretion of the company and we reserve the right to refuse the refund request.

How to Request for Refunds?

Please send all refund request using our contact form or directly to

We reserve the right to change or modify the Refund Policy with no prior notice.

Last updated: 2023-05-18