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Learn to generate a UTM tracking URL

To fully take advantage of our AFL UTM Tracker plugin, you need to learn how digital marketers use the UTM tracking URL across all their marketing channels.

You will be generating a unique tracking URL for each marketing channel and campaign.

There are many free generator tools on the internet but we recommend using Google’s Campaign URL Builder (screenshot below).

Screenshot of Google Campaign URL Builder
Screenshot of the Google’s Campaign URL Builder

The UTM tracking URL consist of 5 parameters which are added to your website page URL.

Where are your visitors coming from?
E.g google, facebook, newsletter, linkedin
How the campaign was published / sent out?
E.g email, post, article, page, cpc, social
What’s the name of your campaign?
E.g black_friday_sale, new_year_sale
utm_term What’s the keyword term use in paid search?
Use for paid search to identify keyword terms
utm_content Use for A/B testing or to differentiate content
E.g logo, text, image, button


  • Use only lowercase alphanumeric (a-z and 0-9) characters for words.
  • Use dashes or underscores to replace spaces between words.