How to check your WooCommerce Page Speed?

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Let’s go through the 3 online page speed tools which we use to check our website speed performance. Not only that these tools checks how fast your website loads, but it runs a full audit on every files being requested by the browser and it lets you know which areas to improve.

At the end of the page speed test, the tool will provide you a score (0-100), a grade (A-F), and the total time it took to load your website.

To run a test on your WooCommerce website, there are few pages where we want you to test the page speed performance, namely:

  • Your Home Page URL
  • Your Shop Page URL (/shop)
  • Your Product Page URL (/product/product-name)
  • Your Blog Post Page

So the general rule of thumb here is that you want to achieve a page loading speed of less than 3 seconds and the higher the grade score the better is your website speed performance.

But don’t put so much importance into getting the perfect score because that means you have to forego certain functionality of your website or reducing your amount of content. We recommend you to instead find a balance between ease of running your store, amount of loaded contents and speed performance.

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Google PageSpeed Insights

Visit Google PageSpeed Insights website. Use this tool if you want to check your website score for both mobile and desktop. The desktop score are generally higher with higher speed index as compared to the mobile score because the test uses mid-range mobile phones on a 3G network.

You want to aim for a score of 90-100 and a Speed Index of less than 3 seconds.

Screenshot of Google PageSpeed Results
Screenshot of Google PageSpeed Results

Pingdom Tools

Visit https://tools.pingdom.com/. Use the Pingdom Website Speed Test if you’re interested to know how your website loads at different parts of the world. So let’s say your web server is located in Hong Kong. Your visitors from Hong Kong would experience faster loading speed as compared to your visitors from the United States.

If your website uses Cloudflare / CDN, run the test 2 times to see that your website speed actually loads faster the 2nd time because your content would be already cache at the edge server.

You want to aim for a Load Time of less than 3 seconds across multiple countries.

Screenshot of Pingdom Tools Result
Screenshot of Pingdom Tools Result


Visit https://gtmetrix.com/. GTMetrix is about the same as Pingdom Tools excepts that it has more test criteria.

You want to aim for a Fully Loaded Time of less than 3 seconds across multiple countries.

Screenshot of GTMetrix Results
Screenshot of GTMetrix Results

How to Improve Your Website Page Speed?

Here’s our basic tip for fast loading page speed:

  • Use SSD-based VPS Web Hosting with minimum 1GB RAM.
  • Choose your web hosting server location closer to the majority of your visitors.
  • Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for your static content.
  • Use high performance WordPress theme.
  • Reduce the number of dependent WordPress plugins.
  • Compress your photos and images to the right size and image quality.

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