AFL UTM Tracker for Contact Form 7

Instantly view conversion attribution report in the WordPress dashboard.

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Why digital marketers are using our WordPress plugin?

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Our plugin works in the background automatically once installed.

Imagine the time you can save when you have hundreds of forms.

First & Last Touch UTM

Easily view if your "marketing campaigns" or "organic search result" brought in your form submissions.

First Landing Page

Identifiy the landing page URL that your visitor first visited before submitting your lead generation form.

First Website Referrer

Find out the website URL address which referred your visitor to your page or blog article.

Conversion Lag

Know how long it took your visitors to convert from the day they first visited your WordPress site.

Click Identifiers

Capture popular click identifiers like gclid, fbclid and msclkid. Useful as an extra indicator or offline conversions.

User Sign-up Attribution *

Separate conversion attribution report for WordPress account sign-up and form submissions.

Admin E-mail Notification

Embed the full conversion attribution report together with the form entry data to your sales team.

Webhook / Zapier / Pabbly *

Send the UTM parameters to your Google Sheet, CRMs, Newsletter and many more apps.

First-party Cookies

Internet browsers are deprecating third-party cookies for the privacy & security of their users.

Set Cookie Expiry

Use shorter or longer cookie expiry duration and automatically reduced the duration after conversion.

Bypass Apple's ITP

Enhanced with server-side HTTP cookies to bypass Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).

No usage limit

Unlike other SaaS companies, our plugin does not limit the report because you have more form submissions.

* Certain features may not be available in Contact Form 7.

Flamingo Entry

Full Conversion Attribution Report

Install the Flamingo plugin to get access to the Contact Form 7 database storage.

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The quickest way to implement UTM conversion tracking for lead generation & purchases.

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Definitely a must-have marketing plugin for Contact Form 7

and it is already installed in a few thousands WordPress sites.

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