AFL WooCommerce UTM Tracker v2.0.2 Release

We have just released version 2.0.2 for our UTM Tracker plugin and it is now available in your account downloads page.

Here’s a list of new features which we added:


  • Automatically sync attribution session across devices when users have logged in. Yay for cross-device attribution!
  • Improved our javascript file that sets the tracking cookies.

WordPress Admin

  • Add a plugin settings page so that you can modify when the tracking cookies expires.
  • A table-based user analytic where you can view active attribution session for registered users (even though they have not made a purchase). You can also search and filter!


  • Add columns to the table to show UTM (first), UTM (last), Click Identifier and Conversion Lag values.
  • Show or Hide columns under the Screen Options.
  • Sadly no search and filter yet.
  • Use a single merge tag {afl_wc_utm} to display the attribution report in WooCommerce e-mails.

Gravity Forms

  • A settings page to show or hide our columns in the Entries table page.
  • Change settings for individual forms. Enable/Disable conversion attribution for a particular form. Set type of conversion as lead or order.
  • Introduce Conversion Lag table column that tells you how long after the first visit it took for the user to convert.
  • Add utm_campaign values in the UTM (first) and UTM (last) table column.
  • Merge gclid and fbclid columns into Click Identifier column.
  • Use a single merge tag {afl_wc_utm} to display the attribution report in Gravity Forms Notification.
  • Use the gear button on the Entries page to add other column values like Landing Page.
  • Easily map fields to attribution data on third-party add-ons feeds like Zapier.
  • We have changed all the export label names.

Additional Meta Values

We will be saving alot more additional meta values so it is easier when integrating with third-party add-ons or exporting into csv file to do your analytics.

  • Dates value will be available in timestamp, UTC date and local date.
  • URL will be available in full and clean (without query). Clean URL will be awesome when you want to know which page converts the most.
  • Added Conversion Lag
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